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Best Web Hosting Services 2020

What is the Best Web Hosting Company?

If you’re thinking about building a website, the first step is purchasing a domain name and hosting. This is the first step in getting your website hosted live on the internet.

Best Web Hosting 2019

One of the crucial steps in setting up your website is choosing the best web hosting company. Selecting the right hosting provider, in the beginning, will help you out later on. You’ll avoid making time-consuming and costly migrations to a better hosting service. By choosing the best web host, you’ll be able to avoid any potential headaches while getting the best hosting services for your money. 

We will be reviewing the best web hosting and taking a look at what these top companies have to offer. We will then look at key features that a web host should provide so that you can pick the best web host for your new website. 

Best Web Hosting Services Reviewed

We will be taking an in-depth look at each of the companies that are on our list. We’ve compiled our list of the best hosting services so that you can easily see where we rank the best hosting companies.  There are many web hosting services that you could choose from. In fact, our list doesn’t even come close to exhausting the number of options from which you could choose. That said, this list is a compilation of our favorite hosting providers and represents the best hosting services on the market.

Here are the 9 best web hosting services in 2020: 


#1. BlueHost — Starting at $3.95/mo Hot Pick


Bluehost Overview

  • Great Uptime (Over 99.9%)
  • Economic Pricing
  • Fast Load Time (404ms)
  • Excellent Support (Live Chat & Phone)
  • Easy Control Panel
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • No Free Site Migration
  • Higher Renewal Costs
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Bluehost Overview

If you’ve been around the tech industry for very long, then you’ll likely recognize the name BlueHost. They are a well-established company in the web hosting space and are one of the best options for those starting a new website. This is due to their economical pricing policy and user-friendly interface.

Blue Host is the only company that is officially recommended for use by WordPress for websites that are built with WordPress. That’s a pretty big vote of confidence for the quality of this Web Hosting Service by one of the biggest names in the webspace. Their hosting plans come with a free domain name credit, so you don’t need to register your domain name before purchasing your web hosting; Both are taken care of in the same transaction. 

You’ll also be given access to a Weebly-Based website builder so that you can create your website if you’re unfamiliar with setting up a WordPress site. Along with this, you will be given a built-in admin dashboard that has a cPanel. This will make it much easier for you to set up your website and then manage your website pages and posts once your site is live. 

You’ll also receive unmetered bandwidth and website storage ranging from 50GB of data up to Unlimited Data depending on which web hosting plan you chose to purchase. Another nice feature that you’ll receive with each BlueHost plan is a free SSL certificate. This is a nice bonus feature that will allow you to keep your website safe at all times. 

BlueHost also has live phone support and online chat support so you can choose between phoning the company or else texting a support member. I would recommend that you use the online live chat because it’s quicker. If you’re unhappy with the BlueHost Hosting, you’re eligible for a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring that you’re always happy with the quality of BlueHost’s hosting services.

More About Bluehost:

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Visit Bluehost Hosting

#2. HostGator — Best Cloud Hosting


HostGator Overview

  • Great Uptime (Over 99.95%)
  • Economic Pricing
  • Fast Load Time (0.42ms)
  • 1 Free Site Migration
  • Excellent Support
  • No Bandwidth/Storage Limit
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Higher Renewal Costs
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Bluehost Overview

If you’re looking for a fast hosting provider, then you’ll want to consider cloud hosting from HostGator. They are one of the fastest web hosting providers that we have on our list, and they are worth trying if you need a quick host. With the majority of their hosting servers located within the US, they are perfect for any website that needs to be hosted for traffic coming from North America. Also, because they’re cloud hosting, they’re a solid choice for anyone who’s trying to host their website around the globe. 

The HostGator Cloud Hosting provides unlimited bandwidth along with unlimited storage and also email accounts if you need them. You’ll also receive free website migrations if you’re switching from another web host over to HostGator. This feature is nice because it will take the hassle out of switching from a bad web host. 

When you purchase the HostGator Cloud Hosting, you’ll also receive a free SSL certificate to ensure that your website is always safe and secure. HostGator will also provide a daily backup for your website so that if any accidents happen, you’ll be able to restore your site with a click of a button. You’ll also receive a cPanel with an admin dashboard which will make it easy for you to set up a new website or manage your site once it’s launched. 

When you purchase hosting from HostGator, you’ll also receive access to a support staff that is ready to help you solve any issues. They’re available 365 days per year and at any time of the day through live chat and a toll-free phone number. If you’re not satisfied with the HostGator Hosting, then you can contact them within 45 days from the date of your purchase, and they will issue a refund.

More About HostGator:

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Visit HostGator Hosting

#3. Hostinger — Economic Hosting


Hostinger Overview

  • Great Uptime (Over 99.9%)
  • Cheapest Pricing (Starting at $0.80/mo)
  • Fast Load Time (0.36ms)
  • Free Domain Name (1 Year)
  • Excellent Support
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • SSL Not Included
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Redeem Hostinger Offer
Hostinger Overview

Web hosting isn’t an area that you want to “cheap out” on, because it’s an essential part of ensuring the success of your website. With Hostinger you’ll receive cheap hosting that is both high quality and blazing fast. Hostinger has over 30 million customers, and provides worldwide data centers, ensuring fast server speeds. This means that your audience will have a pleasant experience on your website, no matter where they’re located. 

If you take on a 4-year plan with Hostinger, then you can expect prices as low as $0.80 per month for hosting. This is an excellent option if you have a smaller website that doesn’t get a ton of traffic. If you choose the base plan, then you’ll have access to a free website builder so that you can design your website within minutes. You’ll also have up to 100GB of data, which is more than most websites on the internet will use every month. Unfortunately, not everything is included in the base package, and you will not receive a free SSL certificate with the base plan. So if you care about website security, then you’ll need to pay a few extra bucks for that option. 

Hostinger is one of our favorite hosting companies. They have some of the fastest web hosting times that we have seen so far from any of the best web hosting services on our list. And like most of the companies on this list, you’ll be able to get a full refund for up to 30 days if you’re unhappy with their hosting services.

More About Hostinger:

Read Our Complete Hostinger Review
Visit Hostinger Hosting

#4. DreamHost — Shared WordPress Hosting 

DreamHost Hosting

DreamHost Overview

  • Good Uptime (99.95%)
  • Great Support
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Environmentally Friendly (Carbon Neutral)
  • No cPanel
  • Possible Delayed Setup
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Check DreamHost Pricing
A2 Hosting Overview

If you’re looking for another WordPress hosting provider, then you’ll likely want to take a look at DreamHost web hosting. They are partnered with the official WordPress company and have recently been recommended by WordPress as a WordPress web hosting provider — that’s a pretty big endorsement. 

When you purchase web hosting from DreamHost, you’ll be given a custom cPanel, allowing you to launch your new website easily. It will also make it much easier for you to manage your website after it has been launched.

The DreamHost web hosting company also boasts a 100% uptime guarantee because of its worldwide data centers. These data centers are set up with redundant cooling and backup generators that will automatically begin working in case of power outages. 

You’ll receive a free domain name with any web hosting purchase, and you’ll be offered unlimited data and unmetered bandwidth. You’ll also receive a free SSL certificate to ensure that your website is safe and secure at all times. They will also offer you a free WordPress website builder, and you can choose from their many website themes to create your website. 

When you purchase hosting from DreamHost, you’ll also receive access to award-winning support. They’ll help solve any problems you may be experiencing on a 24/7 basis. Their staff is also made up of real-life experts that know what they’re talking about, so you’ll always be in safe hands. 

More About DreamHost Hosting:

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Visit DreamHost Hosting

#5. SiteGround — Cheap WordPress Hosting


SiteGround Overview

  • Great Uptime (Over 99.9%)
  • Free Site Migration
  • Free SSL & CDN (Cloudflare)
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Excellent Support
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Limited Traffic & Storage
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Hostinger Overview

A company that is heavily competing to become known as the best WordPress hosting service is a company called SiteGround. Founded in 2004, they have quickly become known for their high-performance WordPress hosting and support staff. Their award-winning support staff is helpful and knowledgable on anything that you need to know about web hosting. If you sign for a minimum of 12 months, then you’ll be paying around $3.95 per month. While they may not be the cheapest web host on our list, we can justify the price that you’ll be paying SiteGround to host your website.

First off, they have data centers worldwide. This means that anyone in the world will have relatively similar load times when they’re trying to access your website. This is a massive advantage if you sell products worldwide.  When you purchase hosting from SiteGround, you’ll be given a free SSL certificate to ensure that your website is always safe and secure. You’ll also be given a CDN (content delivery network) which will help your site load quicker no matter where it’s being accessed from.  

On top of that, you’ll be given email accounts, and your website will have a daily backup in case something were to happen, and your site crashed. With the backups, you’ll be able to quickly restore your website from the last saved date. These backups would save you a lot of hassle and avoid the off-chance that you may need to create a new website if your site files were corrupted. 

The only downfall with choosing this web host is the fact that you’ll have limited data. This means that fewer people will be able to view your website. If you don’t get over 10,000 visitors in a month, then the limited data won’t be an issue. However, if your site receives an excess of 10,000 viewers, then I’d suggest that you choose BlueHost or upgrade your SiteGround hosting plan. 

More About SiteGround:

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Visit SiteGround Hosting

#6. A2 Hosting — Best Shared Web Hosting 

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting Overview

  • Fast Load Time (0.33ms)
  • Great Support
  • Free Site Migration
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Uptime is Mediocre (99.91%)
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Redeem A2 Hosting Offer
A2 Hosting Overview

If you’re looking for a web host that you can use along with shared hosting, then you may want to consider using the company called A2 Hosting. They are a company located within the USA, and they have some of the best shared-hosting that you’ll be able to find among any of the best web hosting companies. 

As we mentioned, they offer swift load times, which is rare to see when you’re on a shared hosting plan. They also provide unlimited website storage and unmetered bandwidth, even on their base plan. They also provide each of their customers with a cPanel, which makes it far easier for you to launch a new website or manage a website after it has been launched. It’s also compatible with WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla, which means that you’ll be set to use any of the Content Management Systems. 

You’ll also be given a free SSL certificate along with a Solid State Drive (SSD) to help store your website in case of any mishaps. This would keep your website safe and secure, and protect you from needing to rebuild your site if any malicious attacks were to get through your security systems. 

A2 Hosting will also provide a free website migration in case you’re trying to switch from another hosting company that you’re unhappy with. You’ll also be able to get a complete refund for your hosting purchases at any time if you’re dissatisfied with the A2 hosting services.

More About A2 Hosting:

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Visit A2 Hosting

#7. GoDaddy — Reputable Hosting

GoDaddy Logo

GoDaddy Overview

  • Good Uptime (Over 99.9%)
  • Fast Load Time (0.51ms)
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Poor Customer Support
  • Extra Cost for Emails, Backups and SSL
GoDaddy Overview

The web hosting registrar GoDaddy is by far one of the most popular website hosting companies that are on the market. Their brand name is almost synonymous with the phrase web host, and it’s one of the first companies think of when they think about web hosts. When you take a quick look at what GoDaddy offers, it seems pretty sweet. However, once you dig a little deeper, you’ll discover that they upsell features that many other hosting companies provide free of charge. 

They have a 99.9% uptime guarantee and have load times that are above and beyond acceptable. They also will give you up to 100GB of data per month, which is quite a lot. They also offer unmetered bandwidth, which is a nice feature. They also give you a free trial to their website builder (but it’s not free like some of the other hosting companies). You’ll also receive a free domain name with your web hosting purchase, making it much easier for you to choose and purchase a domain name and hosting in one transaction. 

Despite the popularity and the fast load times, there are a few things that we have noticed which is why we have this web host at 5th place on our list. You may not care about these things, but it’s our job to keep you well informed so that you can pick the best web host. 

First off, the customer support hasn’t been the most reliable from our experiences, and this isn’t something that you want from your web hosting company. We looked at other reviews on this company and found that many other people were experiencing the same things with GoDaddy. The consensus was that GoDaddy’s support staff wasn’t very reliable or accessible. Now, this could all change in a matter of months if they hired better staff so I wouldn’t disqualify this web host based on lousy customer support. Also, if you’re decent at setting up a website, then you may be able to bypass the support staff altogether and Do-It-Yourself. 

Finally, we found that GoDaddy tries to make little upsells as part of their overall sales process, which may not be attractive to many customers. Items such as emails, website backups, website builders, and even SSL certificates were found to be an additional cost to the consumer if they wanted the add-on. While I’m not against paying a fair price for valuable features, many other companies provide these features free of charge. 

Overall, I think that GoDaddy is a great brand. However, there are still a few areas that they could work on to improve the customer experience with GoDaddy hosting. 

More About GoDaddy Hosting:

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#8. iPage — Small Project Hosting

iPage Logo

iPage Overview

  • Great Uptime (Over 99.96%)
  • Cheap Hosting (Starting at $1.99/mo)
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • Strong Customer Support
  • No cPanel
  • Slightly Below-Average Speeds
  • No Free Migrations
iPage Overview

If you’re looking for the best web host for your website, then there are many reasons why you would want to choose iPage web hosting. First off, they have an excellent uptime rate of over 99%, which means that your website will be live and accessible for the vast majority of the time. This is important if you have a lot of traffic coming to your website because you never want your website to be down because of hosting errors. 

Next up, the iPage hosting is quite affordable, and you’ll only be paying about $1.99 per month if you sign up for a 3-year plan. This type of pricing is perfect for a small business or a company that doesn’t want to break the bank to get some website hosting. If you purchase hosting for over 1 year, then you’ll receive a free domain name, a free email address, and access to their free website builder. Their website builder comes with access to over 1000 website themes that you can use to build your website. 

Along with all of those perks, you’ll also receive a free SSL certificate so that you can rest assured that your website is always safe and secure. You’ll also be given access to an analytics dashboard which will allow you to track the volume of traffic that is coming to your site. 

If you want to build an eCommerce website, then you’ll be able to do so through the iPage website builder which has several eCommerce-capable themes for you to choose from. 

You’ll also have access to web support if you run into any issues. The staff from iPage are standing by to help you with any issues on a 24/7 basis and can easily be contacted through phone or live chat. And if you’re not satisfied with the iPage hosting, then you’ll be able to get a full refund for up to 30 days after signing up for iPage Hosting. Overall, I would say that iPage hosting is an ideal solution for any small-to-medium-sized business that is looking for quality hosting at an affordable price. 

More About iPage Hosting:

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#9. InMotion —

#10. GreenGeeks — Eco-Friendly Web Hosting

iPage Logo

GreenGeeks Overview

  • Fast Load Time (0.48/ms)
  • Great Uptime (Over 99.94%)
  • Free Migration
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Poor Refund Policy
*Use the link below to save 50% or more on your hosting.
Redeem GreenGeeks Offer
iPage Overview

If you want to buy web hosting and are also passionate about the environment, then you may want to consider purchasing your web hosting from GreenGeeks. When you purchase from GreenGeeks, they promise to replace 3x the amount of energy they consume from an eco-friendly, renewable energy source. Your website will be hosted and also making way for the future by reducing carbons and making a big difference in the world. 

If you choose GreenGeeks as your web host, then you’ll have a lot of features for the price that you’re paying. The plans start from $2.95 per month, and with this, you’ll be able to have unlimited web storage and unlimited web bandwidth. You’ll also receive a cPanel, which will make it much easier for you to launch a brand new website. You’ll also find that it’s much easier to manage your site once it’s launched. 

If you’re looking to build an eCommerce website, then you’ll be able to do so with GreenGeeks web hosting. They provide a drop and drag website builder that you can use to help craft your website. They also offer shopping cart plugins and free encryption plugins to ensure that your website is a safe platform for your customers to shop on. 

When you purchase your web hosting, you’ll receive access to their web support team that is on-call 24/7, helping to resolve any issues that you may be experiencing. You can contact them via phone, email, or live chat, and they will go above and beyond to make sure that you’re happy. If you are unhappy, however, you can get a full refund for your web hosting for up to 30 days after making your purchase. 

More About GreenGeeks Hosting:

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Hosting Buying Guide — 2020 Edition

How to pick the best web hosting service

If you’re going to purchase hosting for your new website, there are several things that you’ll want to look at before making your final decision. This helps ensure that you’re buying the best web hosting for your website and your specific needs. 

Here’s what you’ll want to check out before buying website hosting: 

Site Uptime 

Uptime is a term that is used to describe the amount of time that a website is up and functional. If you think about it, there’s no point in hosting a website if your site has a lot of downtime. After all, your audience would rarely be able to access the site.

It’s essential to choose a web host that has an excellent reputation for uptime because this means that your website is live for the vast majority of the time.

If you’re looking for a web host that guarantees high uptime rates, you’ll need to look at many of the hosting services we’ve reviewed above. After all, high-quality hosting comes at a slightly higher price.

Always look for customer reviews before purchasing from a company. If past customers haven’t had any issues with uptime, then you’re likely safe to give that hosting company a chance. 

Site Speed

The speed of your website is crucial for online success. In fact, reports have shown that 40% of people will leave a website it takes longer than 3 seconds to load

Website speed will directly impact everything related to your website. If you want to get found in search rankings, then you need a fast website. If you’re going to have more conversions, then you’ll need a faster website. If you want your target audience to be happy and not frustrated while they’re on your website, then you will need fast hosting. 

A few years back, when the internet was relatively young, the speed of your website wasn’t a huge issue because people were used to slower load times. With the recent advances in technology, most web users have come to expect your website to load almost instantaneously; They may even get upset if your website takes a few seconds to load. 

As your website grows and gets bigger, you’ll need to make sure that your web host can handle the increased traffic. Otherwise, you’ll find that your website becomes increasingly slower and this will result in a loss of traffic and search rankings. 

Before you decide on a hosting company, you should check to see how much traffic your website will be able to handle with a particular host. Make sure that you’ll be able to upgrade your hosting plans easily in case you need more space as your website grows. 

Customer Support 

Another area that you’ll want to look at before choosing the best web host for your website is customer service. This is one of the essential features that you’ll want to look for in any web hosting company. 

If your web hosting company doesn’t provide excellent customer support, you’ll always be frustrated if you need to contact them. You’ll likely even avoid doing any work on your website if it means that you need to contact support to do so.

I would recommend that you try out the web host before you sign a long term contract and make sure that their customer service is adequate. Many companies offer a free trial to first-time customers. You could sign up and use the trial period to test out the customer service. This first-hand experience will help you gauge how you’ll be treated as a customer. 

Avoid putting your too much weight in consumer reviews. Keep in mind that happy customers rarely leave a good review, but an angry customer will often leave a harsh review. For this reason, customer reviews will always be skewed to the negative side. Always take reviews with a grain of salt and don’t use reviews solely as your decision-maker. 

Traffic Volume 

If you plan on having a website that has a large volume of traffic, then you’ll want to choose your web host and your hosting plans accordingly. You’ll always want to make sure that your web host can handle large amounts of traffic without slowing down your website. 

If your website only gets a few hundred visitors per month, then you’ll likely be okay with the cheapest hosting package that you can find. However, if you plan on getting a large volume of traffic, then you’ll need to pick something more extensive than the basic plan. You should make sure that you can upgrade your plan easily in case you need more data due to increased traffic. 

As your website continues to grow, then you’ll need to pay attention to some of the smaller technical details, ensuring that the user volume doesn’t begin to affect your audiences’ experience on your website. 

You don’t want to cheap out on hosting if you’re planning on going big with your website. However, during the early stages, you may not need a big hosting plan, so choose a company that allows you to scale up with your hosting needs. 

Web Hosting Price 

One of the biggest mistakes that are made by many website owners is the mistake of choosing a web host based on the price of their plans. While the price is important, it’s the least important factor when it comes to choosing the best web hosting company.  

You don’t want to be overpaying for your hosting package. At the same time, though, you don’t want to choose the cheapest option because you usually get what you pay for.

You’ll also want to check for the price you’ll be paying once it comes time to renew your web hosting plan. Often, if you choose a package during a promo, then you’ll be spending more money after the contract is up and you auto-renew your plan. 

The price may seem too good to be true, but 12 months down the road you’ll likely be paying much more for hosting. Since your website is already set up, it’s a hassle to switch to a new hosting service. 

This is how many hosting companies lure many customers into paying extra for their hosting packages. So always be careful and read the fine print to determine how much you’ll be spending after your initial contract period has expired.  

Website Migration

If you’re trying to choose the best web host for your website, you’ll want to ensure that the company you select offers easy website migrations. If your hosting company isn’t able to migrate your website, you’ll find it more challenging to do this by yourself, even if you have a simple WordPress website. 

If you choose a company that offers 1-click migration, then you’ll save yourself a lot of headaches and hassle if you’re trying to switch your web hosting. 

Shared, Cloud, Virtual Private, or Dedicated Hosting?

If you’re looking to purchase web hosting, then there are four main categories that you can choose from as part of your web hosting plan. These categories are Shared Hosting, Virtual Private Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting. 

Each of these hosting types will be used for different kinds of websites, and so you will have to choose the best hosting plan that fits your needs. Here is the difference between these hosting services: 

Shared Hosting 

This is the most basic hosting plan that you can purchase. Shared hosting means that you’re sharing your hosting server with other people at the same time. It’s a lot cheaper than other plans, but if you’re looking for the fastest web hosting, then the shared hosting plans aren’t the right pick for you. 

One of the downsides of having a shared hosting server is the fact that you don’t get an allotted amount of data per month. Every server is only able to produce a certain amount of data space for all of its users. If one of those users has a faulty website or a sudden spike in traffic, it can use up too much space and not leave adequate space for everyone else. This results in other sites on that shared server becoming slower. 

If you have a small website with low levels of traffic, then shared hosting should work fine for you. But if you have a large site, then you’ll want to pick a better hosting plan.   

Virtual Private Server Hosting 

The next tier of web hosting is called Virtual Private Server Hosting or VPS Hosting. The VPS tier is similar to shared hosting in that multiple users are still sharing the server, but with this hosting, you’ll get a promised amount of space. 

On one VPS, there will be far fewer users per server, and each user will be given a certain amount of storage and bandwidth that is set aside for them. This means that if a website doesn’t work correctly or suddenly experiences an unusually high amount of traffic, then your website won’t become slower as a result. Only that one website will be affected. 

This option is a bit more expensive than a shared server. However, if you have high levels of website traffic, you’ll want to make sure that your web hosting can handle the extra volume. 

Dedicated Web Hosting 

Many websites will never need a dedicated webserver to host their website. A dedicated web server is a web server that is built specifically to host one website–yours.

With a dedicated hosting server, you’ll be able to take complete control of the server, and you’ll be able to configure the server settings to whatever you like.

I wouldn’t worry about getting a dedicated server unless you’re maxed out on cloud hosting or a VPS.

If your website is getting around 50k-75k visitors per month, I would recommend that you switch to a larger hosting plan. Due to the extra cost, we recommend you only get a dedicated server if you need it. Otherwise, increase your plans on cloud hosting or a virtual private server.

Cloud Hosting 

If you’re thinking about getting cloud hosting, then it’ll be very similar to using a VPS for your web hosting. Your website will be protected from a faulty website that overuses data and also websites stealing your data to accommodate their traffic spikes. 

With cloud hosting, you’ll also have access to servers from all over the world and not just stationary servers that are located in one or two countries. This means that anyone in the world will have good speed when they’re trying to access your website. 

Cloud hosting does tend to be more expensive due to the advantages you receive, but it’s still cheaper than renting a dedicated server for your website. 

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